Perth Urban Photographic Shoots

So, I decided to look around at the options out there for models, aspiring models, people that want to create beautiful photographic memories, the young and the old alike. What I found was a plethora of rather insipid studio based packages. Very humdrum and run of the mill and a tad production line.

You walk in. You stand in front of the screen and you are placed into one of many set positions with the camera set up in the same way each time - with precisely monitored lighting - and, voila! you get some photographs. 

This is fine. If you like that sort of thing. It works - I mean it has been the predominant methodology for years now!

But - what about the people that want an entirely different type of experience? The people that are inspired by urban photography? I thought about the logistics - it clearly would be more difficult to pull off - it would more time consuming and probably less financially rewarding. It would require a greater level of creativity and the chance of the experience being adversely affected by weather, onlookers, traffic, pollution, sharks etc....anyway...

The kind of Urban Portraiture that appeals to me simply doesn't exist unless you are, 'out there'. Walking the streets..finding colourful backdrops - vistas of grafitti, crumbling walls and facias, reflections, smoke, sunlight. All these things bring an added dimension to the image - even if they are blurred into a wonderful bokeh of smokey, blurry, beautiful back-light.

So - I created Dan Stewart Photography. I take people out of the comfort of the studio. I get them to touch the world around them as I capture them and then captivate them with the images we create together. 

The dance between the photographer and the subject is best expressed within an urban setting.

Urban Photography - Perth

Urban Photography - Perth